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Xen mit FreeBSD ist derzeit experimentell verfügbar. Dieser Artikel soll Links und Zusammenhänge zum Projektstand sammeln und bewerten.

Status Quo?[Bearbeiten]

2008-08-17 / Kip Macy / XEN in HEAD
From: Kip Macy kmacy at
Date: Sun Aug 17 22:03:56 UTC 2008

>> Xen support will be MFC'd when it proves to be sufficiently stable for
>> some uses. It probably won't make the freeze for 7.1. Xen 3.2 is the
>> initial target.
> Dom0/DomU or DomU only please ?

DomU only to start off with. The currently planned progression is:
stabilize in HEAD -> SMP -> x86_64 -> dom0


Any recent news on Xen support for FreeBSD?
Rink Springer: I am working on improving FreeBSD/xen support to work correctly [1] on more recent versions of Xen 3.0.
[1] Architectural changes of Xen make FreeBSD/xen as it is now in Perforce crash during initialization.
Zitat aus dem Quartalsbericht 10/2006
Porting Xen to FreeBSD                                                                                           
   Contact: Jue Yuan <>                                                                       
   As a participant of Google's Summer of Code 2006, I am focusing on                                            
   porting Xen to FreeBSD these months. The result of this summer's work                                         
   include a domU kernel that could be used for installation, a guide for                                        
   getting started with FreeBSD on Xen, and some other trivial                                                   
   improvements. But there are still a lot of work needing to be done in                                         
   this area, e.g, the long-expeted dom0 support. So I will continue my                                          
   work here and try to keep up with the update of Xen itself.                                                   
Open tasks:                                                                                                      
    1. dom0 support is the most urgent                                                                           
und außerdem:
Xen Port

Contact: Kip Macy <>

Work on Xen support has slowly been continuing in perforce. The SOC student 
fixed several bugs and is continuing to work on it. Someone is needed who 
has the time to complete dom0 support and shepherd it production level stability.

Sufficient interest has been expressed in it that it probably makes sense to 
check it in to public CVS so that more people can try it out. Time permitting, 
I will bring it up to date and check it in the next month.

Open tasks:

   1. dom0 support.
   2. General testing and bug fixing.

There are a couple of people who have expressed interest in the work,
but no one is working on it currently.
Kip Macy <kip.macy at>


21.2.2 FreeBSD with Xen™ on Linux
The Xen™ hypervisor is an open source paravirtualization product which is now supported by the commercial XenSource company. Guest operating systems are known as domU domains, and the host operating system is known as dom0. The first step in running a virtual FreeBSD instance under Linux is to install Xen for Linux dom0. The host operating system will be a Slackware Linux distribution.




Rink Springer <rink at>
Arbeitet am DomU-Support für FreeBSD 7-CURRENT unter Xen 3.x
Jue Yuan <yuanjue at>
Entwickelt derzeit am dom0-Support.
Google Summer-of-Code
Kip Macy <kip.macy at>
Ist auf FreeBSD- und Xen-Mailinglisten zu lesen. Er entwickelt in FreeBSD-HEAD (7.0) am Support von FreeBSD unter Xen.
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