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Aus der man-Page:

     zpool scrub [-s] pool ...

         Begins a scrub. The  scrub  examines  all  data  in  the
         specified  pools  to verify that it checksums correctly.
         For replicated (mirror or raidz) devices, ZFS  automati-
         cally  repairs  any  damage discovered during the scrub.
         The "zpool status" command reports the progress  of  the
         scrub  and summarizes the results of the scrub upon com-

         Scrubbing and resilvering are very  similar  operations.
         The  difference  is  that resilvering only examines data
         that ZFS knows to be out  of  date  (for  example,  when
         attaching  a  new  device  to  a  mirror or replacing an
         existing device), whereas scrubbing examines all data to
         discover  silent  errors  due to hardware faults or disk

         Because  scrubbing  and  resilvering  are  I/O-intensive
         operations, ZFS only allows one at a time. If a scrub is
         already in progress,  the  "zpool  scrub"  command  ter-
         minates  it  and starts a new scrub. If a resilver is in
         progress, ZFS does not allow a scrub to be started until
         the resilver completes.

         -s    Stop scrubbing.



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